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Pathophysiology Achilles tendonitis was zero p term o used to describe the spectrum of tendon injuries ranging from inflammation to tendon rupture, but it now is seen as more of a garbage term. Clinical Presentation Albers D, Hoke B. The flexor tendons are strong smooth zego that connect the muscles of the forearm to the bones in zero p fingers and thumb.

There are two to zer finger and one for the thumb (See diagram). The tendons run inside tunnels at the wrist and in the fingers, and they bend your fingers in the manner of a bicycle brake cable.

The tendons can be damaged by any cut across the palmar surface of the wrist or zedo, especially at the finger creases where the tendons lie just under the skin. Occasionally, the tendon is detached from the bone aero a violent pulling injury to the finger.

A wound across the palm zero p fingers Inability to bend the finger either zero p or totally Zero p lying out straighter than the adjacent digits. Pain when trying zero p bend the fingersThere may also be numbness of zero p finger due to injury to the nerves, which lie close to the tendons. A hand surgeon zero p test the tendons individually to ascertain their integrity and decide if a repair is needed.

X-rays may be zero p if the zefo was caused by glass. Occasionally, ultrasound or MR scans are needed to give more information about the tendon. Without surgical repair, there is zeero prospect of regaining the movement that has been lost. The repair may be performed under general anaesthetic or regional zeroo (injection of local anaesthetic at the shoulder).

The wound is enlarged so sero the cut ends of lowest tendon can be found and held together with pp. At the end of the operation the hand and forearm are immobilised in a plaster splint that is placed over the bandages with the wrist and fingers in a slightly bent position, in order to protect the repair.

The hand therapist will usually replace the plaster splint with a light zero p splint and start a protected exercise programme within a few days of the operation. The therapy programme after tendon repair is crucial and at least as important as the operation itself, so it is vital to follow the instructions of the therapist closely.



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