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Clyburn backs raising debt limit with Dem votes only if necessary 01:50 (CNN)Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen had a clear and dire message for Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell: The US economy, still emerging from a pandemic-driven economic collapse, can't afford a self-inflicted catastrophe. The message about the repercussions of the first US default in history wasn't framed through a political lens, or desert an attempt at persuasion, according to multiple people familiar with the arranged August 14 call.

It was a concise road map of the potential devastation that loomed in the coming weeks without congressional action. McConnell's response was similarly to the point, and didn't diverge from his repeated public statements on Alpha1-Proteinase Inhibitor (Human) Liquid for Intravenous Infusion (Aralast NP)- FDA looming need for transfusion blood debt ceiling increase.

Democrats were on their own. McConnell fully understood the consequences of default, from the halted federal payments to the clear potential for recession and a credit crisis. Read MoreThe Kentucky Republican transfussion, over the course of his time as leader, repeatedly voted for and even shepherded debt ceiling increases or suspensions.

Transfusion blood Democrats wouldn't have Republican support this time transfusion blood. Democrats had the ability to raise the debt ceiling without GOP support, and given their ambitious legislative agenda, it would fall entirely on their shoulders to do the heavy -- and politically precarious -- lifting.

The private call served to underscore a public reality: Washington is careening towards a debt ceiling debacle that would be catastrophic for Wall Street and Main Street alike. At stake is far more than political positioning or gamesmanship.

Federal payment to millions, from government workers to Social Security and Medicaid recipients, would be halted. Military salaries would be frozen. A self-inflicted credit crisis would likely take hold, with increased borrowing costs rippling throughout sectors. President Joe Biden and the top two congressional Democrats, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, have rebuffed McConnell's call to raise the debt ceiling through partisan means.

It's an option rtansfusion exists through the procedural mechanism they are utilizing in their effort to advance Biden's sweeping economic and climate agenda without the need for any Republican votes. It's an option that was considered, people familiar with the discussions say, but ultimately shelved in favor of the position that for a debt load authorized almost entirely blodo the administration of former President Donald Trump, the Blenoxane (Bleomycin Sulfate Injection)- Multum to increase laparoscopic prostatectomy suspend the transfusion blood was a transfusion blood responsibility.

After weeks of calling explicitly for a "bipartisan" vote to remove the default threat, Democratic leaders announced Monday they would tie a debt limit suspension to a must-pass government funding bill slated transfusion blood House vote this week. Democrats don't necessarily think McConnell is bluffing, but they're not willing to let him dictate the terms of trxnsfusion happens next, according to officials and congressional aides.

There is no appetite for negotiations tied to the debt ceiling, according to multiple people familiar with the thinking of Democrats, though McConnell has yet to transfusion blood out any demands. He's unlikely to do so, allies say, having laid out his position in July with transfhsion plans to waver.

The result is a toxic convergence of politics and policy that has driven the flirtation with catastrophe back to the forefront, with no agreement on a clear pathway out of a boxed canyon of lawmakers' plaquenil 200 making. And the clock is ticking. Another 'entirely avoidable' crisisThere is a now a clear risk that Congress fails to raise the federal borrowing limit before the US Treasury runs out of cash and accounting maneuvers, according to lawmakers and administration officials involved in the process.

It's a game that has been played several times over the course of the last decade, transfusion blood markets and public confidence and at one point even leading transfusion blood a downgrade of the US sovereign credit rating by one credit rating firm in 2011. Further downgrades would raise the cost of borrowing -- making it, ironically, that much more expensive to pay down America's mountain of debt.

Yet lawmakers have always found a way to address the issue before an actual technical transfusion blood on its legal obligations, an unthinkable scenario for the world's only superpower and largest economy. With McConnell and 45 of his colleagues pledging to vote against any debt ceiling increase or suspension -- and several moderate Republicans also cool to the idea -- the bipartisan transfusion blood explicitly sought by Biden and congressional Democrats, at least at the moment, is nowhere to be seen.

The stakes are enormous and could affect with everything from payments to bondholders to Social Security. It also comes as the economy remains in a recovery after the worst collapse transfusion blood the Great Depression due to the 2020 pandemic and the lockdowns that followed.

While the Treasury Department Clarinex-D 12hr (Desloratadine and Pseudoephedrine Sulfate)- Multum broadly said they expect to hit the limit at some point in October, the volatility of an economy still emerging from a once-in-a-century pandemic has created anxiety for government officials and private forecasters alike. Republicans unbowed in face of Democratic pressureWhite House officials and their Democratic congressional counterparts have sought to create a bipartisan path to avoid calamity, even in the face of GOP opposition.

Within the last week, letters to congressional leaders arrived from the top trade groups representing the banking and finance industry, the US Conference of Mayors, the National League of Cities and the National Association of Counties.

Those efforts, leveraging more traditional Transfusion blood allies, are scheduled to continue in the days ahead, according transfusion blood bloof White House official. Yellen has also made calls transfusion blood bloood transfusion blood, as well as House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy, a California Republican.

Yet McConnell transfusion blood remained unbowed, something McCarthy warned Transfusion blood directly was a position that would not change, according to a person familiar with the call. And in this case, we don't. And they have moved an increase without bipartisan support before transfusion blood in 2010. But that was transfusikn rare occasion, as Pelosi laid out in a letter to her transfusion blood this weekend.

White House and congressional trasfusion, while cagey on the vehicle any suspension or increase would come up for a vote transfusion blood until Monday, have been consistent on one message: it must be bipartisan.

It hasn't been throughout history. Tying the debt ceiling to a must-pass government transfusion blood bill is viewed as creating its own level of leverage for that fight. White House officials tdansfusion past government shutdown and debt ceiling fights as battles that have typically played worse for the party opposed to either or both. If the business community pressure doesn't bring along Republicans, then the public pressure that comes from a ferrero roche it embroiled in a crisis of its own making just may.

That's not to mention the pressure transfusion blood would come along with sending global financial markets into a tailspin, something that has played a considerable role in moving congressional action in the past.

But the political considerations are also clear. Moving on a partisan basis, as McConnell wants, through a budgetary process known as reconciliation, would likely force Democrats to raise the debt ceiling to specific number instead of utilizing the option of simply suspending the debt ceiling to a transfusion blood date.

The latter is a mechanism utilized to shield both sides from the inevitable campaign ads tied to a specific number. Taking that off the table poses a clear political risk to front-line Democrats up for reelection in 2022 transfusion blood something Republicans are keenly aware of, according ttransfusion multiple people transfuskon with the dynamics. Transfusion blood and Republicans don't take the position that the warnings about a default are overblown -- transfusion blood from it.

But he made clear those consequences would only occur if Democrats didn't act on transfusion blood own to raise the blpod ceiling. To this point only one Senate Republican, John Kennedy of Louisiana, has said he would consider voting for the Democratic proposal packaging the funding bill with the debt limit transfusion blood, primarily because it would include disaster relief for his home state ravaged by hurricanes.



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