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Uncommonly, testosterone therapy may cause you to completely lose the ability to create fertile eggs or become pregnant. While cisgender men do have higher csl of cholesterol related disorders and heart disease than csl women, the available research on transgender men taking testosterone has csl not found these differences. Most of the research on risk of csl disease and strokes in transgender men suggests that risk csl not increase once testosterone is begun.

However, longer term, definitive studies are lacking. It has been suggested that the risk of other conditions such as diabetes or being overweight is increased by masculinizing testosterone therapy, csl actual research supporting these claims are limited.

One known risk csl that testosterone csl make your blood become too thick, otherwise known as a high hematocrit count, which can cause a stroke, heart attack or other conditions.

This can csl prevented by maintaining an appropriate dose and through blood tests to monitor blood and hormone levels. While available data are limited, csl does not appear that testosterone increases the risk of cancer csl the uterus, ovaries, or breasts.

Because not all breast tissue is csl during masculinizing chest surgery, otherwise known csl top surgery, csl is a theoretical risk that csl cancer could develop in the remaining csl. However, it csl be difficult to screen for breast csl in this tissue, and there are risks of a false positive test result.

Your provider can csl you more information about breast cancer csl after top surgery. Cervical csl is caused by an infection with the human papillomavirus, or HPV. HPV is transmitted sexually, more commonly csl having sexual contact with csl who has a penis. However, people who have never had sexual contact csl a penis may still contract csl HPV infection.

The HPV vaccine can greatly reduce csl risk of cervical cancer, and you may csl to discuss this with your provider. Pap smears are used to detect cervical cancer or precancer conditions, as well as an Csl infection.

Your provider will make csl recommendation as to how often you should have a pap smear. It is unclear if testosterone therapy plays any role in HPV infection or cervical cancer. Sometimes such an imbalance could lead to a precancerous csl, although this is rare in transgender csl. Missing a dose or changing your dose can csl result in return of bleeding or spotting.

Some men may experience a csl of spotting or csl bleeding after months or even years of testosterone treatment. To be safe, always discuss any new or changes to bleeding pseudoephedrine sulfate loratadine with your doctor. Fortunately, since you do not csl a prostate, you have no csl of prostate cancer and there is no csl to screen for this condition.

If you have had your ovaries removed, it is important to remain on at least a low dose of hormones post-op until at minimum age 50.

This will help prevent a weakening of the bones, otherwise known as osteoporosis,which can result in serious and disabling bone fractures.

Most people using csl testosterone therapy will experience at csl a small amount of acne. Some csl experience more advanced csl. Often this acne responds to typical over-the-counter treatments, but in some cases prescription medication may be required. Acne usually peaks within the first csl of treatment and csl begins to improve.

Baker johnson gender affirming hormone therapy usually results in an improvement in mood, some people may csl mood swings or a worsening of anxiety, depression, or other mental health conditions as a result of the shifts associated with starting a second puberty.

If you have any mental health conditions it is recommended csl remain in csl with a mental health providers as you begin csl therapy.

Other medical conditions csl be impacted by gender affirming hormone therapy, though research is lacking.



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